Friday, June 21, 2013

Stroppy sheilas on the out

national council of women is in financial trouble

troubles arise from loss of charitable status (leading to some rather large tax bills) 

There's a report over at The Bent Mirror that their charity coven of political activists previously enjoying minimal tax status courtesy of the taxpayer is now against the wall.  As is the norm, the business model of such organisations fail Financial 101 without the taxpayer dime.  Not to mention the sudden waning interest once the prospect of a cosy desk job disappears.

Of course, there are the usual screams 'won't someone think of the wimmin'.

it's a huge backwards step.  we need a strong organisation that is able to do the research and provide the policy advice on issues that impact the lives of women.  we need a strong & organised voice, one that is able to continuously challenge prevailing attitudes, cultural norms & institutional practices

Need?  Really?   Fund it yourselves.  A little volunteering goes a long way.  As for changing attitudes, wimmin seem to have held their own place in the homo sapiens species over millenia without any of my taxpayer wedge.  Long may it continue.

Far be it my place as a mere male to make further comment, but in my view having less stroppy sheilas in your face can only be a good thing.

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