Sunday, June 02, 2013

1Law4All Update

A comment I've just made over at Not PC

Greig, You can keep 'wasting your vote' with your party of choice - Libz, a party of high ideals, even a few I like, particularly small government, but something is very wrong with the implementation.

Although I'm open to correction, nowhere in the world have Libz parties made significant traction at the ballot box, managing to get their ideology into the limelight.

Hell, even in New Zealand other small parties have proven to be able to shame some of the larger parties into sorts of action (witness brekkie in schools this week, something I disagree with though), but not Libz.  So for me, they'll always be in the realm of theoretical nutters but possibly with some good political ideas.

Every foul epithet possible might be directed at 1Law4All, but like others agree in the commentary above, something different in our government has to be done, a different route has to be travelled to deflect New Zealand off the insidious track to apartheid down which it has sped in the past 3O years.

Once purged of the scourge of racist legislation based on genealology, the way may well open for other new initiatives such as small government and a written constitution embracing all irrespective of colour or creed.

Hell, along the way there might even be room for my inner tree hugger to surface with a view to look after some of our degraded environments, but not at the expense of a developing economy which would encompass mining resources on land and at sea. That's for the future to get our economy back on track and balanced via serious reductions in government outgoings.

I for one am willing to step onto to that path, one I had hoped Nats might travel, but have proven to be nothing less than profligate liars in recent times. 

As a side note, I had never heard of 1Law4All till this morning, but have long wished for such a party.

I see RedBaiter has something similar - often screamed at and written off as certifiable, he too appears to have had a gutsful of the direction of New Zealand politics.

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