Thursday, June 20, 2013

"not just unethical, it's immoral"

 Mana party is promising to give Maori no deposit, low interest home loans funded from the Government's coffers

not just unethical, it's immoral

Damned right!  If you are not carrying the right genes, you will not be eligible for this barefaced electoral bribe.  But you will pay!

cut out banks and their mean-spirited attitude to Maori

scheme had not been costed ...  issue isn't about cost; it's about priorities

Mr Hatfield is stepping up a gear.  But definitely unethical and immoral as New Zealand rushes headlong into the apartheid state.  And white mofos will be left to pay.

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cricket? said...

Along with it get rid of the monarchy and make the govt a republican govt and make the govt accountable to the voter not the media