Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"I'm pretty sure the voters will be interested in that sort of thing"

questions about the fundraising "came as a big surprise"

said he would give the money to charities and the community

He was not entirely aware of the situation

unable to give the money back

One of Hone's would be MP's has been practising for future office, using fiscal sleight of hand and offering lame excuses when caught with his fingers jammed in the till.  Unfortunately a principled would be MP from the other racist party doesn't like the dodgy accounting.  Like criminals, there is no honour amongst politicians.

Labour candidate Meka Whaitiri said it was not an issue she was concerned about

 Nikora has said in previous interviews that he redistributed all of the money given

He's in good company.  The Labour candidate fully supports the rort.  But then Labour have had years of dodgy accounting.

We have to think of this in not so much a money way but in a Maori way

It's high time the disinfectant of sunlight was extended into the dark recesses of the Maori way bribes and palm greasing, particularly on the East Coast.  Fully transparent electoral finance legislation would be a start.

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