Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Nasty Left in full flight today [update]

 will rightly be lining up to piss on her grave

The filth that inhabits the left is on full show this morning following the death of the best PM Britain ever had.  And to think this individual is employed by the government.


More lefties show their colours.

Meanwhile Guido shows us as she should be remembered.  


bakersdozen said...

Yep, the "left" are bad news. Dunno exactly who the "left" are, but like "christians" they seem to be unpleasent homicidal types. On the other hand, it is interesting how many ideologues intent on tearing up and condemning anything built up by society like to dip their already well-heeled toes in collective funds. The "left" may be nasty, but the "right" sure are greedy bludgers and hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

how nasty they are. Why doesn't No Right Turn allow comments on their mean-spirited posts? I wonder. Haters.

PM of NZ said...

Whilst I do allow comments, it is a pity there isn't a filter app or something similar to show when the resident Riverton troll posts comments such as above.

Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot, PM. No wonder you never get many comments. But you probably know that, right? Green as green can be.

Anonymous said...

Churchill's dead?! When did that happen?

You're a fuckwit.

KG said...

"No wonder you never get many comments."
Perhaps because decent people are repulsed by the leftist trash comments here?

Adrian Zorab said...

@PM of NZ.
Kiwiblog has such a filter to exclude the inanities of "greenfly" and "village idiot", your riverton troll.
Worth pursuing.

PM of NZ said...

Cheers for that Adrian. Am aware of the filters, easy to catch via IP addresses.

The troll provides droll entertainment, reminding us why one should never vote for the feral left.