Monday, January 27, 2014

Herne Bay Salesman's snake oil will be good for you.

Today is D-Day for the Labour Snake Oil merchant from the posh end of Herne Bay to pitch his wares for your votes.

The Labour Mantra
More bloody taxes.
Soak the rich pricks.

Very predictable speech.  It'll be more of the same old same old, all JK's fault..  Lefties in Labour cannot help themselves when it comes to increasing your tax to implement their foul brand of communism.  It's their ideology.

It'll be good for you whilst you pay more for bludging have-nots to live life large.  Exercising their human rights to be watching Sky TV on a 50" flat screen.  Things you can only dream of while you slog your guts out for a mediocre pay packet having already given exceedingly generously to their welfare dime.

I await the next Rogue Morgan poll to see what a dead-cat bounce really looks like.

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