Thursday, January 23, 2014

Labours' would be magician produces $1.5 billion using smoke and mirrors

$1.5b of revenue freed up by the tax policy changes will be used, says Cunliffe, for "game-changing plans that will help New Zealanders"

Umm, that fabled money pot is not 'freed up', it is already being used to service the black hole of a 'decade of deficits' left by the last Labour magicians' smoke and mirror act.

Nothing but an opener to the election bribes and treats that will be offered to the low info voter next Monday.


alwyn said...

That's all right, just wait until you see next weeks offering.
He is going to announce that he is going to have another $27 billion to spend. The way he will get it is by announcing that he is not going to abolish personal income tax. If he is then asked where the money for new spending comes from he claims it is by not scrapping income tax. Then if asked how he would have paid for scrapping the tax he simply announces that he doesn't have to. He isn't, after all, going to do that.
Sheer genius, isn't it.
The next week he can do the same with GST.

PM of NZ said...

Yes Alwyn, the sheer genius amazes. Emphasis should be on 'sheer' for certainly the genius of the lefties' "tax everything for the social good" is totally lacking.

Had a good laugh at one comment I saw elsewhere this morning, where since Labour has apparently cancelled the GST on food twice in recent times, they should actually now have an extra $3Bn to spend on bribes. Sheer genius!

the conservative said...

And on top of all that, they will soon back track on their capital gains tax and anounce they have found billions more to spend on welfare.

PM of NZ said...

Yes TC, Monday will be wall to wall election bribes using increased extortionate rich prick taxes.

Vote Labour - get shafted with increased taxes as well as having to put up with rabid communist greenie loons. No effing way!

alwyn said...

@the conservative.
Unfortunately their CGT proposals are for an increased tax, not a cut in one as the GST change was supposed to be.
Even the Labour party can see the difference, although I wouldn't bet on the Green Party leaders realising that.