Thursday, January 23, 2014

Irony much?

Roy Warren, whose 5-year-old-son goes to St Heliers School, laid a complaint after the school refused to stop its half-hour religious classes

Eh?  Complains about religious instruction, yet complainant continues to send his brat to a school, named after a Saint, which is located in a suburb named after a Saint, whilst no doubt being resident in the same suburb named after a Saint. 

Saint Helier (died 555) was a 6th-century ascetic hermit. He is the patron saint of Jersey in the Channel Islands, and in particular of the town and parish of Saint Helier, the island’s capital. He is also invoked as a healing saint for diseases of the skin and eyes.

Methinks the complainant needs to pray to Saint Helier to cure his diseased eyes of the obvious irony affliction.


Anonymous said...

Stupidity Much?

St helliers is the name of a suburb, it is not a tool to force belief on others.

St Helliers School is a state school, not a religious school. It is not named for the saint, but for the suburb.

A religious class is not something that should be offered at any school, schools must focus on teaching critical thinking, religion is anti critical thinking.

Andy said...

His son can opt out!
So no case to answer!