Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NZ Healthcare boards to provide more work for Privacy Commissioner

New Zealand healthcare will change before the year is out as Kiwis are signed into patient portals allowing them to self-manage their medical records, book doctor appointments and chat to their GP online

Would you entrust the government with securing your medical records online?  I for one would not.  I refuse to utilise the current iGovt login (or whatever they currently call it) for similar security fears.

You might as well have a user account joe.bloggs.healthcare@xtra.co.nz with a  password of  'qwerty'.  

Each region and each district in New Zealand will roll this out

would be user-friendly for the elderly, but would also be available on smartphone applications
I wonder who will pay for the hideously expensive data charges to chat online to your GP.

My elderly dragon-in-law will not only have to become computer literate, she will also have to acquire an expensive smartphone to get her prescriptions filled.  Currently has enough trouble dialling numbers on a normal phone with oversized keys, let alone actually seeing an over-rated yuppie phone masquerading as a handheld computer.

Something positive though re unemployment.  After events in recent days in the world of Xtra emails re online security, I guess the Privacy Commissioner will beefing up their complaints team.

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