Thursday, January 30, 2014

Labour: Doesn't like playing in the big boy's sandpit

We've been absolutely frank and absolutely clear in all the materials for this speech that people have the choice between going on the $60 a week for the whole first year or taking Paid Parental Leave if they qualify. They can't do both. At no point have we said that they could do both.

Yet again, Labour's Cunnliffe makes a statement one day and fails to qualify it.  Earlier in the week he had stated, without qualification, all 95% first year parents would be eligible for the $60 bribe.  Then does typical Labour backpedal, adding qualifications.

accused the Labour leader of "misleading New Zealanders" over the proposed child payment scheme

David Cunliffe's developing a reputation around Parliament for being very tricky

Then gets crucified for his own cockup and blames his team

they're indulging in disappointing, personal attack

Then resorts to the typical Labour play the man response when cornered.  "They're all against me because I'm queer" or similar retort.

And this prick thinks he's Prime Minister material?

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Anonymous said...

The first thing I heard when he first said this was the word "eligible". To me that means a right only to apply with the govt's right to decline when "eligible" is defined as not including you. At that point I thought it was a simple stunt.