Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lifting the scab: Same old, same old

In case you hadn't noticed, it's an election year. 

Constituents of the left are currently awash in the largesse of never ending welfare, receiving all manner of handouts on my dime.  But they are still wanting you 'to think about supposed inequality and the children' whilst prying open your wallet for yet more tax to implement their unwanted foul brands of social engineering and communism. 

Unfortunately, the government of the day continues to piss in the left's pocket with talk of extending paid parental leave and giving already overpaid union lackey teachers more money to shut them up in an election year.  An aside, I wonder how much the about to strike unionists at UCOL will get to shut them up?  No doubt there will be more strikes as we get nearer to the election.  There is no honour among thieves after your vote.

Prime Minister John Key's tentative proposal to change the national flag has wide support within Parliament, although he admits that debate about an alternative design could distract people from more important issues during election year

Right on cue, the annual 'we need a flag change' distraction.  As always, on top of the annual scab lifting for natives at Waitangi.  And the same players screaming 'fly our terrorist rag for we are victims of colonisation'.  Get over it, you were colonised, there is no partnership.

Back to the topic.  The silver fern is a sporting rag, not a national flag.  The current flag shows our history and place in the world.  One of these days I hope that we get a government willing to support New Zealand's current flag.

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