Wednesday, June 24, 2015

FFS files: TAIC embarks on 18 month enquiry

Direct from the "You've got to be joking" files.

An investigation into the nationwide radar outage that disrupted more than 160 flights is expected to take around 18 months, the Transport Accident Investigation Commission says

A team of three investigators has begun the initial evidence gathering, working with the Airways Corporation and Civil Aviation Authority

The Commission aimed for an average inquiry duration of 18 months

FFS!  18 months to find out that a server or router fell over yesterday without any redundancy? 

Whatever was fixed (or more likely replaced) yesterday by 1600 was the root cause.  Probably was only a case of powering down and restarting some miniscule piece of hardware.  All that needs doing now is to build in some redundancy.

Nothing but jobs for the boys.

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