Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Local government increasingly desperate to implement unelected race based representation

Wellington and Northland will not be reorganised into "super cities"

Local Government Commission needs to pay attention to the vast majority of submitters who opposed the super-city idea

Local Government Commission decided not to proceed with its draft proposals for single councils in Northland and Wellington

That is great news!  Yet Hawkes Bay ratepayers are still marching forward lockstep to higher rates and less democracy.

Meanwhile the Local Government Commission is still hounding ratepayers to succumb to unelected race based added extras at the trough.

Local Government Commission ... would return to those communities to work with them and seek to develop other options to address the challenges

(Northland) regional council also felt any final proposal should have included a wider range of options for Maori representation and decision-making

Apartheid NZ coming right up!  It will be added to your rates bill, no matter what boxes you tick.  And the Nats will enable the process whilst pandering to the native elite for votes.

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