Friday, June 05, 2015

Great news: Drill it, Mine it, sell it!

Environmental Protection Authority has granted a marine consent to Shell Todd Oil Services for the offshore Taranaki Maui gas field for another 35 years

Great news!  That should keep us warm for a while.

total revenue from the Maui field over the next 15 years could top $8 billion

As usual there's a few rabid loons that don't want to stay warm.

Climate Justice Taranaki spokesman Urs Signer said the EPA's decision was a disappointment.

"Disappointment is probably an understatement. It's a sad day for the environment and it's a sad day for the Taranaki coast, that we're going down a path of destruction rather than solution," he said.

Should be certified and locked up.  Drill it, mine it and sell it!

What I did wonder about was how much koha was paid to get the consent?  The local natives should talk to their northern anti-everything cousins about selling their souls for oil dollars.  Obviously no climate change imminent in the 'Naki around Mt Egmont. 

Staying warm has to be good for you.

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