Monday, June 01, 2015

Labour: Always accentuating the negative

From the 'fresh face' of Labour:

Government plans to issue social service bonds have come under fire from Labour's health spokesperson

Annette King said the Department of Internal Affairs has warned against the idea

Annette King stated bankrolling mental health work with private investors was a disaster in the making

So typical, no alternative offered, just negatives.  Yet those on the left wonder why people have switched off?   I'd say always accentuating the negative just switches the missing million voters off.

Sounds like a great idea though these social bonds.

Something else I noticed in the article;

Their own officials said there are very real difficulties in assessing what projects have potential to deliver net benefits for the government, and even greater difficulty in evaluating if they've been successful

Now, where have I heard that before?  Sounds like the very job description of a certain native health programme endorsed by pandering Nats for votes.

One which New Zealand's head auditor found to be dodgy, of questionable benefit, outcomes unable to be explained or quantified, but one which the Nats have today given the lead protagonist a gong for the votes of his racist party. 

HT: Lindsay Mitchell post

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