Friday, June 05, 2015

No to changing the law [update]

With the sad passing of Ms Seales today and the subsequent judicial ruling in the negative, it has served to stir strong emotions nationwide re legalising voluntary euthanasia.

We as a family just recently farewelled our oldest and last of that generation parent in her early nineties.  A good innings, but her time was up as she often told us.  Do not resuscitate was her order well prior to her decline.  Witnessing her decline from fit and healthy a year or so ago to her passing was very difficult.

She had been living independently but a fall with a hip replacement was a trigger for mild dementia and the longer term inability to do anything for herself ended in hospital care in the local rest home.

The hospital and rest home staff were nothing less than fantastic, keeping her dignity and comfort at the forefront at all times.  For that I thank them.

Which now brings us to today's ruling.  Like Ms Seales, one that I deeply thought about, whilst sitting with my mother in law.  Something that she even talked about.  Ms Seales chose to actually do something about it using her legal skills.

Maybe there could be a different way rather than waiting.  One thing I thought about, if it were legalised , was would any of the doctor or nursing staff would be willing to administer the extra dose to hasten the inevitable?  Their job is the care and comfort of their charges, which they do admirably, knowing that the time will eventually come.  To be saddled with the task of delivering a final shot is too much.

For me I think today's ruling is correct and nothing will change that view.

HT: Ele at Homepaddock feels the same way

Update:  Dennis Horne commenter at KB says it better in a series of comments starting here.

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Andrew Berwick said...

For independent, loved, citizens? of course their carers should not have to do this.

But for the bludging lumpen masses, frankly that "final shot" can't come soon enough.