Saturday, June 06, 2015

Unions trying to bugger the TPP from both ends

For decades, labor unions have floated the Democratic Party with massive contributions (based on money taken out of the paychecks of members who are forced to join as a condition of employment) and donations of manpower, expecially useful in get-out-the-vote efforts.

The AFL-CIO, along with some public sector unions, announced a campaign finance freeze in March. Unions hoped the threat of withholding contributions would scare Democratic lawmakers out of supporting President Barack Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority, or “fast track,” to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade agreement labor groups say would hurt manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

The freeze is across the board, intended to punish the party as a whole, not individual members.

Naturally, there are howls of protest.  Just like here in New Zealand from the left, particularly the unions supporting Labour.
Democrats are beginning to lose trust in unions coming through with campaign contributions at all

Long may the freeze continue as unions rank well below "Wall Street, blacks, Hispanics, feminists, and gays" in the Democrat feeding chain.

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Sally said...

For once the unions are right.