Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picking at scabs on 90 Mile beach

A governance board made up of iwi and council representatives will "open up a huge can of worms" when it takes over management of Ninety Mile Beach

I can see huge repercussions. It will open up a huge can of worms and the rest of New Zealand will sit back and watch

The scab of the Foreshore and Seabed is being picked at yet again as locals look to charge for access to the beach. When the local troughers get control closing the beach remains an option.

There'll be no help from the Nats - after all it was Key and his bent government that implemented the abortion that is the F&S.  It is about to re-surface.

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Allan said...

Just let them try and charge. It is a public beach and anyone regardless of colour or creed has right of way on to the beach. Any incident involving someone being prevented to go on to the beach will most probably provoke a serious back lash from right thinking New Zealanders. Perhaps our Mr Peters might have to earn a living by trying to sort this unholy mess out.