Monday, January 19, 2009

East Cape to secede from New Zealand

Border control at Whakatane heading east and at Wairoa heading north is about to implemented as East Cape secedes. Liarbour's parting gift to divide our nation. Some reckon not so.
And in terms of our negotiations with the Crown and our own people, we have made it specifically clear that access to the beach will not be closed and that people can still come

What absolute bollocks. Just wait to see the real endgame when this shady deal is signed off in a week or so. Rodders of Epsom MP has been very vocal over the weekend on the matter, but is strangely silent today. A refreshed and holidayed-out John Boy got his bits in a vice?

The East Cape is soon to be formally established in law as a permanent backwater for all time and non-native New Zealanders can standby to need visas to enter the area. Probably will suit the recently publicised terrorist training schools in the area to not have too many nosy non-natives about. Also the NZ Green farmers in the area will no doubt look to bumper crops and income.
If people continue to flout what has been agreed to by us and the council then, like any other law, people will have to face the consequences of their actions

There is ample legal room for their own police state, with the right to fine people. I can just imagine Mr Laws patched mates from Wangavegas contracting out to provide the requisite heavy security.
Part of our korero [discussion] is that once we get the act through we will signage those places that are wahi tapu [sacred areas], so people know they are wahi tapu and respect them.

Sacred areas yet to be defined - highly likely to be the total coastline if you are not of the clan. Fisheries opened for rape and pillage for the chosen few in their Shrangila.

Even the Mare of Gisborne sides with the secession - apparently 90% of his voting fans are of the right clan, therefore this handover is OK by him. Another apologist lame duck bureaucrat tending his patch with affirmative actions. (reference to Mare's comment not found today - saw in online article over weekend)

New Zealand continues on its headlong path toward separatism.


showmethetaxcut said...


I think you just betrayed the fact that you were not born in Aotearoa. And I say that with all due respect to where you were born.

I am a National/ACT voter and I trust National and Ngati Porou to do the right thing.

Nothing I have heard or read to date gives me any serious reservations that an acceptable deal can be done.

Labour did nothing but shit on Maori. If Maori get the impression that Government and Pakeha will respect their values then there is more chance Maori will respect ours.

What do you think? In my view, John Key is right to build a relationship with Maori. Pakeha need to learn and to teach trust and respect. That's all Maori really want. Without it, there is no way forward.

The alternative is we repeal the Foreshore and Seabed Act and let everyone take their chances.

Of course, it may still come to that.

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