Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parting shots by Madame Sanlu

The chairwoman of the Chinese dairy company that sold fatally contaminated infant milk formula says she acted on information supplied by Fonterra.
As Madame Sanlu contemplates life on the inside, she is trying to take down others associated with her. When the contamination was discovered, Fonterra says 'absolutely not' to any melamine contamination, but she made the decision to continue below EU guidelines. Her problem.

I daresay the Asian Tiger will not be losing face to an external country with an FTA over this matter. But I do wonder what value will NZ farmers will lose as this saga continues. Fonterra, like Sanlu, is unfortunately fast becoming a brand countries will not want any part of. That has the potential to be really bad news for NZ.

If there had been documentation to repudiate such verbal claims as in the article, why hasn't Fonterra publicly advertised such? Possibly the claims are true and they are more than likely well implicated. Very damaging the view from here.

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