Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time to pay the piper?

The agenda is being shifted as we approach our supposed National day. Always a day of hand-wringing and mea-culpas for our long over and should be forgotten colonising past. But we watch and pander to the would be separatists.

Now they want their political rag on the iconic coat hanger.
I want the flag up there," Dr Sharples said. "I think it's a symbol of the new direction this Government is taking by inviting the Maori Party to be part of it.

Even have the gall to suggest that would be the only occasion.
That's all it's about. They can take it down after Waitangi Day.

I suggest not. Give in once to this riff-raff, next thing I will be compelled to run their rag up a flagpole and salute it daily. Over my dead body.

I am already well aware that their agenda is subtle, but long term. Well maybe not so subtle of late with the alleged terrorists.

Maori say flying the Tino Rangatiratanga flag would raise awareness of the part Maori play in the country

More like the true cost of getting into bed with the separatist racially based Maori Party being exposed.

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