Sunday, January 11, 2009

WMD's in action

No, it's not the latest from Gaza, just the Grail of Chivalry at Harcourt Park today near Upper Hutt NZ.

22AD Artillery team of Siege Engineers and others in action over two days.

Where did that go? Onager (kicking mule) being prepared for firing.

Travelling MC in fine fettle keeping the masses entertained.

WMD Sir Isaac being primed for release. Brand spanking new, first public outing.

A lady awaits the spoils of the joust.

The Blue Knight gets final instruction from a fair handmaiden.

Ready for battle.

En garde!

Keen participants.

Ballista Scipio being readied to fire.

A minstrel ever ready to entertain.

The best in home furnishings.

The finest in period housing with an ever attentive audience.

A great day. No time to stop in Carterton to see Oswald camping in the rain on our 350Km round trip.

More on Sir Isaac here.


Lucy said...

Looks like fun

PM of NZ said...

Lucy, it was fun and very well done. My first time at one of these events. Next Harcourt Park is 2 years?

Crowd was kept entertained, plenty for rugrats to do and look at.

As HMWH has vociferously alluded to, I might be on the other side of the fence at Taupo.

And for Murray, I do have numerous photos of you that were not posted as asked.

Anonymous said...

Callum (Harcourt organiser) is making noises about doing something elsewhere in Wellington in 2010 (next Harcourt is planned for 2011 as you say).

Murray said...

The payment will left in the usual place. Unmaked bills as always.