Sunday, January 04, 2009

Global economy light and variable

So says Greg Elliot, a Kiwi boat designer long regarded as being ahead of his time. He should know what he is on about. His long standing class of 6 metre boats has been resoundingly selected for the next Olympics.

On the economy...

It's in trouble, he says. Simple as that.

That talk leads to boat building in Asian countries, particularly China, in the pursuit of lower overheads.

And this gem - what we here in NZ have long known...

The last nine years of socialist policies that have been running this country have destroyed manufacturing-based incomes: the cost of compliance. We we manufacturing here for many years and it's just cost-prohibitive to manufacture here, regardless of exchange rates.

Yes, we have a lot to thank Liarbour for.

Extracted from Rebecca Hayter article in Jan 2009 Boating NZ magazine.

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