Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One New Zealand, one flag, one people

Initially intended as a reply to SMTTC on the previous post, now a post by itself.

I definitely was not born in the fantasy land of the long white cloud where an awful lot of PC brainwashed Kiwis seem to reside of late. But then when they vote for Helen as the greatest living NZer, I expect nothing less. Last time I looked, my passport said New Zealand.

Actually, I was born in a area of the mainland where I guess could be called a one-eyed Cantabrian. My perogative if I have an slightly jaundiced view of matters.

I do not trust any person that uses race flavoured politics to wrangle shady political arrangements. When separatists stop trying to divide this country, they might earn some respect.

This country was colonised 160 or more years ago. Get over it and get out of grievance mode. Pandering to this cultural crap forever is not doing this country any good long term. Another annual posturing flagwaving talkfest of handwringing is almost upon us. No doubt more concessions for some of the deemed deserving populace will be wrought.

As for National, Don had it right with Orewa I and II. The Nats sold out their voters by doing anything to get onto the benches. The undercurrents remain and will not ever be satisfied whilst we salve our conscience with treaty payouts and handouts. Those receiving are onto a good thing, who can blame them? The madness has to stop now. And Liarbour, as you say, did exactly the same to attempt to retain control.

I believe current arrangements of pissing in the pockets of the Maori Party for supply and confidence will end in tears. I think the F&S law should stand reinforcing absolutely and unequivocally that nobody but the Crown has the vested title to anything below the HW line.

The culturally correct claptrap idea that some citizens based on race can rape the seafood resource at anytime and anyplace whilst closing it to non-natives really stinks. Similarly those who post rahui notices on our shores need to be put in their place real sharpish.

One New Zealand, one flag, one people.


showmethetaxcut said...


My apologies if I got your ancestry wrong. I seem to recall in the past you indicated you were from the UK. If I am wrong about that then I apologise.

Now back to the topic.

I was born in Greymouth and am therefore also a mainlander. Never saw a maori the whole time I lived there as a child.

But here is the thing. If we want to make progress with Maori then we have to take Maori with us. I have the hope that this is what the new National lead government will do. I do not want to be the voter for yet another failed government on this front.

Pakeha have to change their attitudes if they want a harmonious existence with Maori.

PM of NZ said...

One half of my genes are Scottish and may well have been mentioned some time previously, hence the possible confusion.

I suspect only a very small percentage of people in this country are in need of an attitudinal change. And I feel they are not the non-natives you refer to.

The attitude of the very vocal minority amongst us chasing separatism is explicit starting with their use of language. The word Pakeha to me is derogatory in the extreme.

At what point does a NZ born and bred non-native citizen stop being an alien in his own country? Even 5th generation born and bred are still referred to in a derogatory manner as 'not normal' in their own country.

Never any question of being 'normal' if you feel so inclined or if your little toenail has the right genes.

Attitudes need to change on the grievance industry side of the fence. Again I restate - continued cultural pandering does us more long term harm.

There is only one class of citizenry required for this country - New Zealander.

showmethetaxcut said...


With respect, your comments ignore the fact that, whether you or I like it, Queen Victoria's representative signed a treaty with Maori (well most of them anyway) which forms the basis for yours and my existence in this most privileged country.

My people have been here ever since the potato famine drove them out of Ireland in the 1850s and their cousins in Scotland about the same time.

But you and I are here by virtue of and under the terms of the Treaty of Waitangi.

You seem to be suggesting that you do not accept this and you want more/less.

Lawyers like me call that unilaterally rewriting of the contract which cannot be done without the consent of the other party.

I want National to engage with Maori. To be blunt, Labour fucked it up. I hope National can do better.

PM of NZ said...

Indeed we do live in a privileged country, under a document possibly open to subjective interpretation.

It is apparent from our discussion that we will always disagree on such matters. Scholars have deemed the native's view to reign supreme in such matters.

As you have correctly inferred, I see it very differently. The document to me was a means for formalising colonisation and there the matter ended 160 years ago.

Nothing about having two governments, two classes of citenzry, each with differing property rights.

To me the whole issue is about handouts. There is huge monetary gain to be had if the separatist's insidious aims are ever realised and split this country. That is why I firmly believe the Crown should retain control and apply such benefit to all New Zealanders, not the chosen few.

The upcoming secession of the East Cape is very real to me. Most of of the mid-North Island in the form of the Waikato river basin has already been handed to native non-Crown entities for 'management'.

Arrangements are very cosy right now whilst parties are in this new found talkfest climate, but I suspect the grievance handouts will continue unabated. Just new sources will be tapped.

Not from the TOW tribunal source directly as is the case now, but from you and me the NZ taxpayer and ratepayer as yet to enforced management techniques. No doubt finding new ways to generate income for those privileged to be dining at this trough. Maybe not me and you as we will never be 'normal' in their eyes.

And so I, like yourself, watch and wait to see what concessions National, having already sold their soul to get whey they are, might offer the recently pacified natives to retain control.