Thursday, January 01, 2009

3649 days to go

Feeling second hand are we? Or is it too early yet? A beautiful morning, nary a whiff of the New Year Eve demon drink passed my lips.

Anyway, to add to your woes, just thought I'd remind you.

Welcome to
Liarbour's Decade of Deficits!

Only 3649 days to go.

It feels good to not be hungover but well rested. Have a nice one.

Must off to await the arrival of the son and tribe for a few days. Reverse psychology does work - just keep asking the almost 5 year old grandson when is he 'coming to help with Granddad's cows'. Saves on an almost 1200 Km round trip to Jafaland. Their turn this time and it gets them out of the smog to see the real NZ.

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