Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mare of Little Britain up for grabs

A century or more overdue, the policy wonks from Jafaland are about to embark on a Greater Orklund Council abolishing all the little fiefdoms that operate around the region.

The word is that they will need a super mayor, but he is not to be called the Lord Mare. Too much like shades of a Little Britannia.


Orklund Robbery Company boss Mike Lee: A deputy possibility, young enough, but saddled with being associated with a much reviled and useless regional council whose only reason for existence is to rape ratepayers.

Westie Eco-dinosaur Bob Harvey: A coffin-tapper whose record of shafting ratepayers with excessive rate rises for nefarious eco causes over two decades out speaks for itself. Declared and often utilised association with Liarbour will kill this one. Any other contenders from out West are totally infested with a Liarbour mentality.

Cock of the North Andrew Williams: Credibility shot to pieces as he continues ranting and being abusive to all and sundry. Likely to pull up moat bridge and have to be forcibly removed from current job as he will not go quietly.

South Auckland's Len Brown: A heart beat away from a bye-election. Favoured if there is anti Orklund City backlash, but openly supports Liarbour social engineering which should not be a local government concern at all.

Orklund City Council's John Banks: The only real contender. Has softened his previously abrasive attitude, possibly looking for this job long term. Has business and management skills and has been a politician at central government level on the right side.

Others? The die is cast for rural Rodney to be subsumed into Greater Orklund. May not go quietly. Brynderwyns to the Bombays is Greater Orklund and always has been.

Let the in-fighting begin in earnest.

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