Friday, May 15, 2009

Chameleon Cunners shows his true colours

Every man and his dog is having a crack at candidate Lee. It's all about colour this bye-election. Liarbour has made it so.
MP David Cunliffe said Ms Lee was: "worrying about brown people coming up your motorway and invading the good white suburbs of Mt Albert".

After the chemist earlier in the week opining for a white only clientele, any change in colour in this backwater suburb would be welcomed. Far too much red has infested that area for too long for my liking.

Who knows? A blue rinse on the day would be welcomed.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Labour is in panic mode about the seat, it should be a shoo in for Labour, safe as houses, so why the panic? I'm really surprised at the energy they're putting into it, the desperation. What is it that we don't know? I reckon that Melissa will get a lot of sympathy votes out of this, especially if Labour keep flogging the horse.

LaFemme said...

One can only hope that labour's shrill voices spook the left of center horses, and all run to the safety of the tough-on-crime Ms Lee.