Saturday, May 09, 2009

Reflection time

MacDoctor summarises reactions to events in Napier and calls for some calm reflection. The events have caused me serious disquiet.

I definitely do agree that the initial reaction was not that of a sane person. The dead tree press and TV remains in the gutter peddling anything that gets a tear for the ratings. As for the anti-gun lobby, I expect nothing less from politicians needing to press buttons.

But the reaction of so called Libertarians is hideously worse in my view. So far off this planet with their twisted reasoning, little wonder they remain on the fringe of voter realms.

I still say there has to be better ways of resolving such incidents in a much shorter timeframe without further violence.


Buggerlugs said...

Peter Cresswell's merry band of like-minded fuckwits ignore the fact that a person in their right mind does not take to anyone with a firearm to protect their 'personal property rights'.
Molenaar was clearly deluded and/or under the influence of drugs. I bet the Liberatarains would be screaming blue fucking murder ( excuse the terrible pun) if they were trapped in their houses for three days because some loon had decided to take on the STG next door...

PM of NZ said...

If that's what THC or P can do for you long term, I thank God that I stick to beer and wine.

KG said...

There's much to like about Libertarian ideals, not least their emphasis on property rights and getting all levels of government out of our lives as much as possible.
But they shade into fanaticism pretty quickly--for example their idea that immigration worldwide should be totally unrestricted, and that market forces are the answer to just about everything.
Yet they don't seem to be able to grasp the truth that their position is simply another form of extremism...
On some levels I can understand somebody getting frustrated with a system that appears to be weighted in favour of the unproductive and against respect for property rights, but to suggest as some Libz did that Molenaar's action was anything but an insane response to the execution of a search warrant--is just projecting Libz philosophy on to a lone nutter.
At least yours and Doc's reflections bring a breath of rationality to the whole debate. Thanks.