Sunday, May 03, 2009

Contest over, mercenary picked

Now that the Clark faction has been stuffed and mounted in Mt Albert, there is only one choice for the Nats. Guess Megs mummy dearest will have definitely have her nose out of joint.

Dare I say it, Melissa Lee would seem to have in the bag. A female none the less. On no other grounds than to specifically counter the mono-gender others have on offer.


LaFemme said...

What chance do you give Miss Lee?

PM of NZ said...


Ms Lee has a very good chance to win. I think the vote on the left will be fractured. Act has a good candidate, but Lee must be supported to wrest the electorate from the left.

The only fly in the ointment will be when she has to die in the ditch, excuse the pun, over the opencut motorway.

Mind you, if Key plays that close to his chest, fence sitting as he is with the super city undemocratic race based seats, the motorway may not even be an issue. He will more than likely call it in, citing an item of national import and that will defuse the issue.

LaFemme said...

Real interesting analysis, PM; I think a lot of people feel she has a chance, but don't want to say so for fear of jinxing the possibility. As for the Super City, my big fear is that divisions without and infighting within will end up turning the Nats into one-termers -- above all else, I think the voting public want calm, boredom even. And unlike nearly everyone else in the right side of the blogsphere, I do not consider a Nats' second term a given.
BTW, congrats on your Micky D's! Like you, I think there's no better place for the occassional junk food fix.

PM of NZ said...

I agree that 2nd is not a given.

Nats have swallowed a lot of dead rats since Orewa I to get on the benches. JK may be a master trader with all the balls he has in the air but something will be his undoing on all his fence sitting.

I believe the lack of a strong point of difference will be their downfall just like being Liarbour-lite got him in.