Monday, May 18, 2009

Pressure off now

What a day does for politics in NZ.

A week from hell and only on Saturday we were looking at a drawn out exercise over the filibustered super city bill that could have stretched all the way to Budget day.

Now we have two circuit breaker topics that force us to take our eyes off the eight ball. Simon Power's kite flying over juries and that scarlet woman. The left are screaming blue murder, so something has to be right about both issues.
she will remain as long as she can continue to defend the rights of abused children.

One wonders where this might end. Apparently Mr Power might have been less obvious on Q&A that he did not support the woman, but it is good to see the PM get behind the appointment this morning. She knows that the knives are out and she is on notice.

I still get the feeling these are only red herrings or an even bigger trojan horse. I suspect the looming budget will have more juicy topics to sidetrack me. Hell knows, now we have a Tamaki whatever Re-org Bill, we might get some salts of the earth non-elected undemocratic reps suddenly slipped into the supercity with nary a whimper whilst we are sidetracked.

Thought last week killed the honeymoon, the next couple might kill the marriage.

Never ever, ever trust politicians.

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