Friday, May 08, 2009

Seriously disgruntled ratepayers

He said it was not a matter of "rushing into it" for the convenience of the ORC or the Dunedin City Council.

"This is a serious matter. There has been a serious travesty of justice. The ORC is looking at rampant spending, which is setting a precedent which cannot be accepted by the community."

The Otago Regional Council is shortly to be taken to task in a full court hearing over the Dunners stadium by a seriously disgruntled ratepayer.

Justice French said no hearing could proceed until Mr Walker filed an undertaking of damages, a mandatory document which said he agreed to pay damages [costs] if his court case failed.

Mr Walker said he had been to an ATM on his way to court and was satisfied there was enough in his family's working account to meet damages.

"I know what I am up against. I understand completely."

Trouble for council looms. This one is not your usual ratepaying stiff who doesn't have two shekels to rub together and is heartily sick of funding local government. This one is a millionaire who is standing up for all ratepayers over the crooked back door deals done in the name of ratepayers.

This case could be very expensive for him if he loses, but should it go the other way, has the potential to seriously curb the exorbitant spending of ratepayer taxes on questionable pet projects as witnessed daily in local government fiefdoms throughout New Zealand.

That has to be good for all ratepayers. I will watching this case with much interest.

And while on the subject of seriously disgruntled ratepayers, here's a letter from one.
"Dear Sir.

It was your lousey (sic) council that (expletive) up my development at Glenorchy (Lochburn) by slamming on a huge sewerage bond - (expletive) the deal, you did ! Then when the mortgagees (sic) took possession and sold the sections up you (expletive) released the bond for them.

"Hypocritical (expletive) you are ! Which one of you dirty mongrels took the backhander . . . (deleted); Well, as a consequence of your unfair, unjust and general (expletive) behaviour, you sent me bankrupt.

"So you now have my bankrupcy (sic) number and you can now go . . . (deleted) . . . because I am not paying this lousey (sic) little account.

"Yours, in utter disgust . . .

"PS: you are a . . . (deleted) . . . Fry in hell (deleted)".

I'm sure most ratepayers feel like that at times, but slightly less expressive. As for the 'not a kernel of truth', I suspect the root cause would be the council.

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