Sunday, May 17, 2009

Partying at the end of the motorway

Another group of young Kiwis gets their heads stoved in, possibly courtesy of out-of-towners.
The youth gangs are a new thing around here, we haven't had many problems with them before. Waterview is generally a safe place - it's those that come into the area that make trouble. It's quite freaky and I worry about my children.

Maybe Ms Lee was right about criminals looking for trouble at the end of the motorway.

ps For the journo: West Auckland starts at the Whau River south west of Avondale. I think you will find Waterview residents pay rates to employ Mr Banks. No wonder Westies get a bad rap when you journos get off the motorway and get lost in the 'burbs.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course she was right.

CB said...

Jounos have the same problem with distinguishing South Auckland.

Otahuhu is generally classed as South Auckland but once again, the residents of Otahuhu pay Mr Banks rather than Mr Brown.

If there has been a crime committed, Onehunga and Penrose also become South Auckland.