Saturday, May 23, 2009

Measuring the state of the economy

When they came to fix them, they drew white lines along the side of the pavement through the middle of some of the holes.

Then they only filled in half the holes and when we asked, they said their department was not responsible for the other half.

Council wallahs fill half a pothole because doing the other half may incur future liability. I kid you not.

Not to say that their job would be on the line if they did a 100% job first time.

Something about the state of local roads reflecting the true state of the economy springs to mind.

As an aside, this week I witnessed the local Tararua District Council / LTSA waterblasting two 18" wide wheel tracks per lane on recently laid seal through the main part of Dannevegas town to improve grip. Even waterblasted right across a pothole which only made the hole bigger.

Pity they didn't lay a seal with decent grip initially. And repair the pothole, which was from a council dig up days earlier. Yes, it still is getting bigger, but it is the weekend.

Still the waterblasting will keep council wallahs in a regular job. I wonder when the next reseal will occur. A couple of waterblasts should lift all the recent seal / unbed any stone chip. Still another wallah will 'repair' the current potholes by marking them with white paint. It really works - they come back bi-annually to refresh the paint.

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