Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tropical weather we're having

2.2 degrees outside. Plummeted 4 degrees in half an hour, still falling. Can't make it's mind whether to snow or hail here at 320m / 40S.

Think we're in for a cold afternoon.

Time to light the fire and maybe a nana nap whilst I ponder global warming and the like. Definitely snowing right now, but not settling. 1 minute later, now can see blue sky towards PN. Come on weather, make your mind up!

Update: 1315 - temperature rising again - lots of blue sky - looks like it was the back edge of a black front heading towards Wiberia on the Central Plateau.


KG said...

Still snowing here PM, down to levels we didn't see even in midwinter last year.

PM of NZ said...

Sun struggled for a couple of hours, then it did snow (and settle) around 1530. Down to 0 deg outside. Can see stars here now, lawn still white.

Apparently was just snowing but not settling in Dannevegas this arvo at 180m.

Suspect its going to be effing tropical tomorrow.