Monday, June 01, 2009

Backscratchers Anon

News earlier this year: NZ Honours re-established on the old UK system.

Full List.

Members of the Order of Backscratcher

Jennifer Barbara Gibbs CNZM, Auckland
For services to the arts
(number one backscratch by those in the know if there was ever one)

Simon Peter Wallace Murdoch, Wellington
For public services, lately as Secretary of Foreign Affairs
(just doing his job for a gong)

Paula Rae Rebstock, North Shore
For public services, lately as chair of the Commerce Commission
(hasn't she gone very quiet of late. Since she got the nod?)

Murray James Boyd Deaker, North Shore
For services to broadcasting
(a bloody radio show sports commentator for God's sake)

Robin Moncrieff Oliver, Wellington
For services to the Department of Inland Revenue
(a backscratch for a tax inspector)

Irene van Dyk, Upper Hutt
For services to netball
(is this what all sporting imports can expect?)

Derek Quentin Battersby JP, Waitakere
For services to local body affairs
(one of Brown-eye Bob's mates - at the trough for decades)

Che Fu, Auckland
For services to music
(a hip-hop artist. Really?)

A larger than normal list with some obviously deserving their awards. Except for the above listed backscratchers. I see the military continue to excel in their normal arts of Backscratchers Anon.

I half expected to see HEC or MC in the list for services to NZ taxpayers and the world, so at least I was spared that ignominy.

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