Thursday, June 11, 2009

Innocent until proven guilty

The cheese eating surrender monkeys have opted to ditch the 'guilty until proven innocent' three strikes law.

The French Constitutional Council had the final say. 200 years plus of legal precedence. And a revolution to boot.

It criticised its 'assumption of guilt' by quoting the French Revolution to highlight their concerns, saying that "...under section nine of the Declaration of 1789, every man is presumed innocent until they have been proven guilty".

Ms Bruni's bed warmer will be pissed.

Talking of bedfellows, Herr Sarkozy was in bed with the frog entertainment industry.
the initial success of the French three strikes law was held up by the recording industry as a key milestone in its worldwide 'graduated response campaign'

I wonder how that organisation will comment.

And I bet you thought this was another Bain or Worth beatup.

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