Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phil In trying to distance himself from troublemaker

One of the victims of the scams run by her husband says she is a "troublemaker".

Phil Goff the stirrer is now on the receiving end as troublemaker complainant 'A' is found to be nothing but a trouble maker.
I believe she had credibility because I knew about some of those events as they were occurring

Mr Goff said Mrs Choudary was now under enormous stress.

Self induced stress as she has been worked over and some by the Liarbour sleaze machine. Phil is now fabricating an out should he need to bail fast.

Keep looking for those texts Phil. We have noted how long you sat on the information when it came to hand.

It is so delicious watching people throwing stones whilst inside the glasshouse.

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Pique Oil said...

PM, I think Fill In has loaded up the bowling machine with cannon balls, after a little fine tuning he now has the machine on autochuck.
Shattered glass, egos and careers is the usual outcome.