Saturday, June 06, 2009

Guilty? Or not? Updated:

The Bain result is in. Not guilty by virtue of a retrial.

Technically maybe, for reasonable doubt definitely exists.

For me, there is something deeply disturbing about this case. I feel a verdict of not proven guilty is long overdue as a third choice in the NZ justice system.

On a different note.

The Worth result is not in. Not guilty by virtue of no formal charge. Maybe yet to come.

Technically maybe, for persons are deemed innocent until proven guilty.

For me, there is also something deeply disturbing about the actions taken so far. We have the Leader of the Opposition holding out for perceived maximum political advantage, a position which is fast being reversed. Secondly, unproven allegations have been publicly laid and the irreparable damage to an MP's career done.

I feel handling of such allegations needs clarification. Most businesses would immediately suspend an employee till such matters are sorted. Why not MP's?

Guilty or not? Your thoughts?


TSmithField over at the Stranded sums up Goff's actions. Or lack of it.

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