Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shaking the baby

Local councils are one baby that needs a damned good shakeup. Core services only to keep the beast.
[Mr Hide] is trying to reduce local government's powers to the point where they are unable to deliver social and environmental services.

Rodders is pushing all the right buttons for me, especially when bottom feeders such as Kedgley are crying foul. A minister of action. Long may it continue. I look forward to a drop in rates as dross is being bluntly excised from councils.

Sheeting the full cost of environmental, social and cultural claptrap back to central government will soon put a stop to such follies.
Key said he did not agree with Mr Hide's definition of "core services"

And it would be nice if Key could actually back his minister. Fence sitting bastard. Stop being Mr Nice Guy and grow some.

Severe pruning of local council powers would be better than any tax cut at this stage. Shake the baby as hard as you like Rodney.

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Pique Oil said...

Local councils have had all the crappy stuff foisted on them by central govt. The petty little pricks were quite capable of causing misery with existing rules, they didn't need any more.
Government at all levels is bloated and intrusive, so it attracts the very creatures that should necer be allowed near a rule book.
It would also be nice to see Johnny Boy actually back his ministers. FX dealers talk about taking Positions all the time. Must be from a different dictionary.