Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mile High Club looking for pork injection

Rob Fyfe, puppet CEO of our nationalised airline, has been looking at the recent conference jolly airline reps had in KL.
Today's situation is unprecedented, the most difficult ever. Governments and partners must understand that we are struggling to survive with a new and harsh reality," Mr Bisignani says. The assumptions of the past are no longer valid and change is critical.

"The failure to act by governments would be irresponsible."

A brazen request for a handout. As if a billion dollars bailout to an enterprise that had all but failed in our case a few years ago was not enough, the world's airline's are gearing up to put the hard word on their respective governments for a injection of pork stimulant.
Until such market interference is removed and a system with the right commercial pressures introduced, we will not make progress.

I definitely agree and say no to moves toward a pork injection. If the company does not survive on its own two feet, let it fold.

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