Thursday, June 04, 2009

Desperate for a hit

Recent actions by Phil In Goff, Temporary Leader of the Opposition thugs in NZ's government has confirmed where politicians lie.
Goff said he had privately raised concerns with Key last month about allegations regarding Worth's "inappropriate political ... and sexual behaviour"
No amount of digging for dirt is too much. Trained by her indoors, he is only continuing where Williams left off wasting taxpayer time and no doubt vast amounts of money on getting traction on the government. I suspect that this bit of salacious gossip leads all the way back to Liarbour and Phil In is only the messenger boy.

Ever desperate for that hit, it a pity our politicians don't put in as much effort on things that really matter.

BTW, Well done Whale Oil. Nice to see you on the box sticking it to both sides.

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