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There shall be one law for all:
  • I refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
  • I require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
  • I require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
  • I require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
  • I require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Xenophobic and racist

They take our welfare and they don't want to accept our way of life," she said after the council vote. "Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation. I'm sorry, I just don't want them in Australia.

Pauline Hanson MkII steps up to the plate on behalf of Oz battlers and farmers. Just like the UK's BNP, One Nation gets support in these hard times.
They will sensationalise. You have to cop it sweet.

The media feeding frenzy will be a delight to watch.

1 comment:

KG said...

For sure, nobody else will step up for Oz farmers. They seem to be the disposable, abusable voters.