Friday, April 16, 2010

Council having last ditch spendathon with ratepayers money

PLANS to build a marae at Bethells Beach are one step closer.

The Waitakere City Council has bought 2.5 hectares of land at the west coast settlement for $935,000.

Part of the site is expected to be developed by the Te Kawerau a Maki tribe as a marae.

Only months to go and the Westie Council that has done everything possible against the SuperCity is having a last ditch spendathon. As is normal with Liarbour infested councils, on your ratepayer taxes.

Mayor Bob Harvey is a long-time supporter of the marae project and defends the council's move to buy the site.

"It was the right and proper decision to make and it was unanimous," he says. "I don't want to get into a fight over this.

"We're not paying to build it, we're giving Te Kawerau a Maki the option on the land," Mr Harvey says.

The council has brought a near $1M property so that the local tribe can build a marae on your newly acquired property. The same tribe that is about to get a whole heap of handout from the central government gravy train.

A proposed treaty settlement with the Crown will see the tribe assume ownership of Riverhead Forest, parts of the Goldie Bush Scenic Reserve, Henderson Valley Scenic Reserve, Swanson Conservation Area and Te Henga Recreation Reserve.

The planned settlement includes $6 million in compensation, as well as the chance to buy the land Auckland Prison at Paremoremo is built on and lease it back to the Crown

Half of West Auckland reserves. And will probably claim continuous settlement to the foreshore and seabed in the near future. Paremoremo was prime private farmland prior to being taken for the prison. Nothing to do with the Crown. Surely the original owners should be the ones being offered lease rights?
a consultation process will be carried out before plans are finalised.

residents are unhappy with the council's plans.

There is no point asking for submissions, or opening community discussions after the land has been purchased with our money

A process in name only. The consultation period is lost. Harvey's council has already decided you will pay for the supposed sins of our forefathers. With the assistance of your taxes, the tribe will be waiting with open hands.

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