Tuesday, April 20, 2010

National sells out New Zealand

The article appears to require recognition of rights to lands now lawfully owned by other citizens, both indigenous and non-indigenous

In the ultimate desperate back-stabbing move to retain power at any cost, National's has sold out New Zealand out by agreeing to ratify a UN indigenous peoples edict. In 18 short months, National has gone from Iwi/Kiwi to Iwi only, through secretive behind-the-scenes horse-trading with the racist separatists that constitute the Maori Party.

The declaration recognises the rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination, being able to maintain their own languages, being able to protect their natural and cultural heritage and manage their own affairs.

There is that self-determination word again. Separate laws, justice and welfare systems coming right up. The Treaty of Waitangi has been nullified.
Furthermore, this article implies
indigenous peoples have rights
that others do not

Today will be when non-Maori New Zealander's wake up to find that if you are not of the right gene pool, you are a definitely second class citizen in your birth-country. Never mind how many generations your forbears have been here, you will always be second class trash.
the entire country was potentially caught within the scope of that article

God help New Zealand. National has just cut its throat. Hello Winston.


KG said...

Fine post PM--I've put up a link to it.

PM of NZ said...

Cheers, KG.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Are National mad? Do any of the National MP's have any spine? Puppets. Nutters. Topsy-turvy world. National lost my vote lone ago.