Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The truth emerges

United Nations declarations are often a first step towards binding conventions

The real story emerges. John Boy Key couches the signing of the UN Declaration as 'aspirational'. Caretaker 'Phil-In' Goff has sat on the fence for so long he is only capable of comatose aspirations.
Dr Sharples told the UN there were no caveats to New Zealand support

Prime Minister John Key played down the significance of the declaration, saying it would have no practical effect

Eh? Whose telling porkies here? Two differing versions of the same story - must be the time zone difference. The only real aspiration going here on is the the hot air being exuded in spades from the orifices of lying politicians.
Rodney Hide said it set up separate rights for Maori

Ms Chen told the broadcaster that the declaration did have meaning or the UN would not have spent 20 years pursuing it.

"Declarations are often a precursor to conventions... We're on the first step. I understand what everyone said about aspiration etc but I do worry the legal advice seems to have changed."

ACT and Mai Chen spells it out. Signing that declaration will force obligations of racist separatism on New Zealand.

A black day indeed as the truth is outed.

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