Thursday, April 29, 2010

One law for all, unless...

... addressed the issue of sovereignty and cited case law

Any New Zealand citizen who resides in the country is subject to the laws of the country

The Crown Prosecutor reminds a would be separatist caught ripping off overstayers that the laws of this country apply equally to all citizens.

As for the 140,000 overstayer non-citizens resident here in this country, a reminder that there are laws for them too. A few dawn raids by the Immigration Department would deal with that issue.
The man accused of running a passport scam for overstayers says he was asked by the King of Samoa to stamp passports and provide protection

Maybe the Samoan King should also be sternly reminded of New Zealand's normal diplomatic channels and that our laws apply equally to all. (although you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise of late with the way the Nats have been horsetrading with certain parties)

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