Friday, April 16, 2010

Global warming dramatically affects UK overnight

In the first extended closure of British air space in living memory, millions of airline passengers face travel chaos as National Air Traffic Services (Nats) said no civilian planes would fly until at least 7am on Friday morning because of the eruption in Iceland.

The cloud of volcanic ash is now spread across the UK and continuing to travel south. In line with international civil aviation policy, no flights other than agreed emergencies are currently permitted in UK controlled airspace

With greater effect than the outcomes of a failed Nohopenhagen conference or a BA communists strike, UK (and soon to be most of Europe) airspace came to a grinding halt overnight.
One volcano, just one and air travel comes to a halt over most of Europe. And nobody knows for how long. The 7 am start up time is laughable. They won't be right since they are simply guessing.

It really does make me realise how fragile our system of civilisation is. All this money and effort put into advancement and improvement and one of the smallest countries in the world brings it to a screaming halt with one volcano.

Bet ya all that crap in the atmosphere from one eruption has more warming effect than all of mankind's effort to date.
It would seem Mother Nature has an unlimited supply of Carbon Tax Credits; much to the annoyance of the, very quiet at the moment, Global Warming brigade.

we should vote green party! they will put an end to this, it ishat they are all about!

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