Monday, April 19, 2010

Sour grapes out West

For the last five years we have been breaking our backs to get world class infrastructure in place for the Rugby World Cup

Breaking the ratepayers back that is. Continuing the never ending anti-Super City spirit, eco-dinosaur Bob Harvey pines for ever more ratepayer taxes to be spent on the collective.
That is the opportunity we have just said no to collectively. I respect fully that as a country we are strapped for cash and have to make strictly financial decisions. But we are already running a severe risk that next year's huge party will leave us with a hangover, and not the common wealth we deserve.

A least I can be thankful as a multiple ratepayer in Orklund he and his ilk will be out of a job late this year. The super city and country will be finally rid of five years of sour grapes negative harping from the unsupportive mayors and councils.

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