Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'They are all the same'

After the Blair phenomenon, you can never again kid the British people. Because of him there is now a permanent layer of cynicism.”

When voters hear a prepacked phrase, they brace for a lie; when they hear a slogan, they assume insincerity. The branding is not working because the entire product is contaminated. In this election, whenever the politicians have tried to chivvy voters with manufactured maxims, they have been met with mockery.

Maybe opinion from the current British election to-ing and fro-ing of offers and counter-offers, but applies equally here in new Zealand. Especially over yesterday's secretive National Party mission to NY. Funny how the UN knew all about it, packing the place to the rafters with indigenous cheerleaders, but little old New Zealand was last to be told.
Mr Key defended the secrecy yesterday, saying he hadn't wanted to steal Dr Sharples' thunder. He said the support of the declaration would not impact at all on New Zealand law, that it was symbolic and non-binding.

...this declaration has no practical effect

Key is lying, the electorate knows it and awaits the ugly truth of racist separatism to cleave this country. Soon you will need a passport to go to the beach.

The only slogan to have caught on during this election comes not from the advertising gurus, the spin-doctors or the politicians. It comes not from the manifestos, the speeches or the debates. It comes instead from the electorate, and I have heard it repeatedly over the last fortnight as I travelled around the country with the Tory campaign.

It is the anti-slogan slogan, uttered whenever a politician is at hand, and repeated like a mantra: “They are all the same.”

How true. Lying bastard politicians. Only after the reins, ever willing to sell their souls (and grandmothers) for control.


KG said...

So true. So damn true and so disastrous for New Zealand.
"Key is LYING" needs to appear on billboards all over this country.

Anonymous said...

Key is a pollie, thus he has one aim only. That is Power at any cost necessary.
There is no left or right, no conservative or progressive or liberal. There is only present past and future pollies. All aim for power and power alone. They are all liars and should not be trusted with used toilet paper, let alone the running of a country.