Friday, April 09, 2010

One law for them...

three charges of taking seven trout using a net, fishing without a licence and exceeding the maximum daily allowable limit of three trout

had been convicted of illegally netting trout 15 years ago

A prominent Maori leader caught netting trout at Lake Taupo says local iwi should be able take fish as a right

was confronted by a conflict between two cultures – Maori and Pakeha

Nice world view to have if you have the right genes.
He broke Pakeha law to uphold his own law
It is possible to have a sustainable fishery if we are allowed customary rights to gather food for whanau

It has been long known that when it is good for them, their twisted separatist world of customary rights and separate justice beckons.

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KG said...

A "sustainable fishery"? Not on your life. When we lived in the Far North I saw some of the effects of 'customary rights' on the local fishery...undersize fish taken in their hundreds,illegal netting and fish for sale in Kaeo while the local Maoris who netted them were virtually immune from prosecution.
Customary rights are little more than race-based thievery and destruction.
As for their vaunted 'respect for the environment'--what a load of bollocks. The plastic bait wrappers and general garbage left at the local boat ramp were almost always from groups of Maoris. (as was the thieving from moored game boats, including mine) The local cop (maori) became the local "Iwi Liason Officer" and he was supremely indifferent to this behaviour.
Contemptible. And this government is fawning over these lowlifes!